Semalt Expert Analyzes SEO Trends 2021 

Table of Content 

1. Introduction
2. What to Expect from SEO In 2021
3. Conclusion


With many businesses going online in the year 2020, there is more expectation for the year 2021. There was a time when communication and advertising were more prevalent on TV than on the internet. But gradually, the internet has become a more acceptable place for advertising and wider communication. 

Yet, the peak of what now obtains as the phase of online business was reached during the covid-19 pandemic when almost every business has to be online to maintain relevance. The year 2020 saw a lot of improvement in the search engine's algorithms, and of course, this set the stage for the year 2021. Here are eight things to expect from SEO in the year 2021. 

What to Expect from SEO In 2021

  • Better Quality

In the year 2021, only excellent quality work will fly. Your content has to be of really high quality to be noticeable amid all the works online. Search engines, for instance, have become smarter and are endorsing only high-quality work. SEO companies like Semalt can ensure such a level of quality is endorsed in your content and sites.

Besides, the quality has to go beyond your content and style of writing; it must be extended to your website too. You must be sure the website has no broken links, broken images, etc. Such a website will load in quick time, and users will find it interactive, stable, mobile-friendly and secured. The combination of great content and a great website will result in the type of high-quality content Google is on the lookout to put your content on the first page.

  • The Mobile-First Index

Mobile-first indexing means Google will primarily index the mobile form of your website before indexing the laptop form. Smartphones are now more than tools to pick and receive calls; they are designed to be power tools. Plus, the internet is now more accessible on the smartphone than waiting to be with a laptop first. This has given rise to more people using smartphones to browse the internet and search for information. This gave Google no option than to put priority on where the people are. 

Nonetheless, it is noteworthy to know that mobile indexing isn't a new thing. It has always been. However, in 2021, it will be the primary way Google rates your content and website. This decision has to be made to resolve the mismatch that usually happens between a mobile phone form and the desktop form of the same content. Since Google will have to index just one version, and more people are on the phone, it only makes sense that Google index the mobile-first.

It is important that web developers are aware of this to help them create more amazing, mobile-friendly websites. 

These are the basic parameters to ensure this for web developers:
Put your best in having identical content on both your mobile and desktop versions of your website.

You are probably familiar with the cliché 'customers are always right. In this case, the customers are the users. You want to make sure your users have the best user's experience in the year 2021. Google has made sure your work and content relevance will be based on how much users enjoy being on your website. With the algorithms set in place, your content, images, and website quality will rank if your website will be on the first page or not. So, be sure your site is absolutely user-friendly and super easy to use.

One of the things you can do to your site to encourage user-friendliness is incorporating snippets. Incorporating snippets to your site will make it easy for users to search on Google. This can get you featured, and in turn, increases the chance of your site having better traffic if the snippet use is properly optimized.

  • Optimize UX SEO

Recently, SEO is no longer all about meta tags and long titles. It is now more about the combination of experts from different fields. Expert creative writers, software engineers, graphic designers, and marketers all come together to give their best for very high-quality content. Aside from all these, UX SEO is the most recent trend in SEO. 

UX SEO means enhancing your users' experience to drive more engagement and conversion rates. It's good to have visitors on your site, but it's even better when these visitors have more engagement with your website. Therefore, it is crucial to optimize UX SEO as a core of your SEO tactics and strategy, especially since there is already a framework to work with. 

  • Use of Video Content

With an internet filled with many competitive blogs and pages, it is important that you do something that will stand you out in the crowd. In the year 2021, you can expect to see more non-textual content on the site. The use of infographics had been around before the year 2021, but you can expect it to soar this year. This is because it promises to stir better engagement and increase your chance of getting a higher rank. A type of Infographic that is more promising is the use of videos. It even promises more engagement when it's linked to YouTube. You can either upload it alone or integrate it into your website.

This will increase your traffic on YouTube. And YouTube is currently a great way to increase traffic to your website now. It is less flooded than google and promises more conversion rate. Asides from this, using video graphics will give you a chance to use some particular video snippets. The video snippets are popular on search queries, which means more people are searching for them. And if more people are searching, it means you will probably rank higher with using them.

  • Use of Voice Search

If you think video content will get wider use in 2021 due to the internet being flooded with different blogs and sites, then you should equally prepare to see more voice searches. Voice search has been in use before 2021, but the year 2020 saw more people using voice search so much there was an internet proliferation of the use of voice search. 

This gave expectation for 2021 as it can only get better. This equally presents opportunities for SEO companies like Semalt and, of course, challenges to maximize the use of voice search to always stay on the top radar. 

  • Re-Analyze Your Top Pages

It is important always to check and re-analyze your top pages. This will help you see where to improve on. The year 2021 can't afford any mediocrity from sites. Therefore, it is better to check the content of your top pages and be sure it is top quality. Check the search result for keywords and ensure just one page, i.e., your page, is coming up. Other things you can check to be sure your top page is properly analyzed is the quality of your graphics, including the snippets.

  • Increase in Social Media Usage

Although it has been debated that social media does not affect SEO ranking on Google, it has become impossible to ignore in recent times. From Facebook to WhatsApp, to Instagram to TikTok, etc., everybody is on one platform or the other. For your content to get more engagement, you may need to utilize social media platforms to increase visibility and generate traffic to your site. 

For instance, with TikTok getting all the focus in 2020, it is believed that 2021 brings more social media usage in its wake. It will do you a lot of good if you include social media platforms like TikTok and the recent clubhouse in your content.

Using the right keywords will likely get more exposure and visibility from your social media platforms. This will make more people check out your website. You can also promote your website on social media platforms using video content as an advantage.


The year 2021 came with many changes for SEO that set the pace for better, higher-quality content and site. Google has become smarter in choosing only top-quality content. This has significantly affected the position of SEO. Google is mostly changing and introducing more algorithms and updates almost every year. It is normal to see SEO roll out trends and adapt to the changes as it comes. The following should be expected for SEO in 2021- better quality, mobile-first index, customer-friendly sites, UX SEO optimization, more use of video content and voice searches, top pages reanalysis, and utilizing social media. With all these rightly in place, you should be ready for SEO in the year 2021.